January 11-17, 2016

This week, we're taking our Winter Break. Next week, we'll be back - and rarin' to bake!

Any Weather Is Scone Weather!

Our Winter Markets are in full flurry!
To Market in winter you can still merrily go,
To buy freshly baked treats, despite flurries of snow!
Fear not the brisk breezes or temperatures cold,
For the reward is in flavors, sweet, savory, and bold!

Chocolate Almond Scone

Hey, Secret Santa!

Our beautifully packaged treats and jams are ready for you!!
Chocolate Peppermint Bark, Honey Roasted Peanut Brittle, Old Fashioned Butter Mints, Crunchy Coconut Snowflakes, our famous Wasabi Wow! Toffee, and our Mini Jam Trio gift sets, and lots more…
Salt glazed pottery santas with Christmas treats!

Treats and Gifts under $10

The holiday season is here!! And we have lots of sweet treats for sharing, giving, and indulging! Looking for a perfect gift for girlfriends, teachers, babysitters, co-workers…? We have lots of gifts under $10.00!
We’re also happy to put together custom gift boxes – just ask!

Holiday Peppermint Bark

Mincemeat, Cranberries, and More!

We’re kicking off the holiday season at the Carroll County Holiday Farmers Market! (It’s indoors and warm!) We’ll have an array of scones, cookies, jams, and lots of other delicious treats!

  • This weekend is the LAST Fells Point Market for the season
  • November 28, is the FIRST 32nd Street Farmers Market (aka Waverly),
    and we’ll be there all winter!! Come out for your favorite pastries!

This week, we’re proudly featuring some seasonal specialties: Fruit Mincemeat, Cranberry Peach Jam, Cranberry Raspberry Preserves, and our own very
special Cranberry Sauce.

Mincemeat, Cranberry Peach Jam, Cranberry Raspberry Preserves, and our own very special Cranberry Sauce

Perfect Weather for Fall Markets

All of our Markets are still in full swing!!
It’s a great time of year to come out to the markets!
Hot Coffee … Delicious Pastry (that’s us!) … Fresh Local Produce …
Locally Raised Meat … and what could be more delicious than a
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin with your hot, fresh coffee?

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

The Rare Opportunity Farm
Snack-O-Lantern wishes you a

The Rare Opportunity Farm Snack-O-Lantern wishes you a Spooky Halloween!
Halloween Snack-O-Lantern

Trick or Treat?!

We go for the treat, every time!
This weekend, come to our booth and exclaim “Trick or Treat?!” –
and we’ll give you a special little Rare Opportunity Farm treat.
Our supply is limited, so come out early!

Halloween Crow and Moon Cookies

Biscotti weather is here!

The weather is perfect for a cup of something hot to drink – accompanied by a fresh Apricot Pistachio Biscotti! Or maybe almond or chocolate?
Try one of our biscotti flavors, this weekend!
Chocolate Biscotti and Cranberry Orange Biscotti

Autumn Apple Crumbles!!

We’re making Apple Crumbles for our weekend markets!
Juicy local apples, fall spices, and a crumble of pecans and cinnamon on top. We suggest that you order ahead!
Apple Crumbles

Chocolate Ganache Cookies

The cooler weather brings back some of our FAVORITE treats!
Such a great time of year!

  • Extraordinary Chocolate Ganache Sandwich Cookies!
  • Dark Chocolate Shortbread!
  • Pumpkin Spice Scones!
  • Molasses Ginger Squares!

Chocolate Ganache Cookies

The Pumpkin Scone Returns!!

‘Tis The Season for our delicious Pumpkin Scone!
It feels like fall this week, doesn’t it? And fall makes us want pumpkin! Yes – this scone contains real pumpkin!! It’s so delicious!
Pumpkin Spice scone

Come visit us at the
Maryland Wine Festival!

Whether you’re attending the festival or having your own wine party,
we have everything you could want for snacks that pair perfectly with a
glass of red or white! And we’ll be at our regular weekend markets, too!

Maryland Wine Festival poster

It’s Labor Day Weekend!

Rare Opportunity Farm has everything you could want for
summer’s last hoorah! Scones for breakfast, cookies for snacks,
savories for light lunches or accompaniments for a glass of wine, crumbles & pound cakes for dessert…

Oh, and did we mention cookies?
Cookies for Summer's Last Hurrah! - Labor Day!

Habanero Hotties!!

They’re new, they’re yummy, and they’re HOT!
We’ve taken our delicious cream cheese pastry, and rolled it with our habanero jam for a surprising & delicious combination!
The perfect little sweet heat treat!
Habanero Hotties